Why Pirates & Pixies®?

Although Pirates & Pixies® boasts the absolute lowest start-up costs in the children's resale industry; That should not be your only reason for choosing to work with our company!

Andrea Foley, the Owner of The Darling Group and Founder of Pirates & Pixies® approaches franchising differently. Due to her extensive background in retail, boutiques and business management consulting she has extensive expertise.

I don't want to work with just anyone. I am seeking the right people for our organization because we want them to love their business.

~Andrea Foley, Founder of Pirates & Pixies®

The Pirates & Pixies® Concept

The average American family spends 6% of their annual income on clothing for their children each year. They spend another 7% on Miscellaneous items, which would include toys and gear. This represents a huge and consistent demand for the children’s sector of the $24 Billion secondhand industry.

Boutique Style & Recession Proof

Fashionable, affordable children’s apparel is always in demand, even during a recession. Pirates & Pixies® focuses on only the most in-demand fashion in a more boutique resale concept. Our stores are very clean and professionally designed with an instinctual sense of organization and flow. Loyalty with both our buyers and sellers is very high.

We have an amazing selection with all price points and a high turn rate so that repeat customers are always experiencing a new store. Our founder started by owning a high-end children's boutique for years. You can sense that in our stores and customers appreciate it.

Resale Concept for Today's Parents

Pirates & Pixies® focuses on the next generation of parents, Millennials. This means that the old, traditional way of purchasing goods needed an upgrade!

Our inventory (and therefore a majority of our traffic) comes from our customers! Anyone with maternity, baby or children’s items that they no longer need can come in and get cash for their belongings. In order to maintain the boutique feel of our stores, our certified buyers carefully inspect every single item brought in. To pass our rigorous standards, the items must be:

  • Brands that are in high demand
  • Styles that are in high demand and current
  • Excellent condition: Clean and No pilling, stains, holes, etc.
  • In-Season based on our current buying schedule
  • Perfect working condition for gear and toys

Easy for Customers

Due to the high volume of items that are brought into our stores and our standards, we make the selling process easy. Customers simply check-in, fill one of Pirates & Pixies® “seller” bags with their items and get on with their day. We do not hold customers hostage while we determine an offer on their items. This system sets us apart from every resale and consignment store that exists today. Our high-end sellers appreciate that they do not have to wait around for us to get them an offer. Depending on their place in line, it usually takes 1-3 days for Pirates & Pixies® to generate an offer. Our sellers get the opportunity to choose between cash or a higher amount in store credit.

Competitive Advantage

Because of our “All or None” policy, customers do not have to rush back into the store to pick up their unwanted items. We simply donate them for the customer. This way, they can come back to the store when it is convenient for them. Their cash or store credit is waiting for them. It’s so simple and painless that our moms rave about it! Pirates & Pixies® even maintains the same Seller-Only/Seller-Shopper/Shopper-Only ratio as their #1 competitor. By freeing parents to go about their day and making the process simple, it creates loyalty, word-of-mouth and a very strong appreciation from our customers.

It's the little things too. Like communicating via text message through our store cell phone, staying engaged and active on social media and using our customers' donations to improve our community that captivates our customers. It's unexpected, it's refreshing and for our target demographic, it feels like the natural technological progression of retail.