Who We Are

How It Began

It all started 2 years before the Foley's even had their first child. Andrea started her first business, a cloth diaper service, out of her basement. She created the business while also working full time. Andrea added a second diaper service market 2.5 years in.

The goal was to open a retail store. After 4 years in business, that goal was accomplished. Andrea owned two diaper service markets and her first retail store called "Baby Junk."

The Birth of Pirates & Pixies®

However, much like every retail store in the US, Baby Junk was feeling the decline of in-store purchasing. Consumers shifted to online shopping and manufacturers shifted to direct selling. Andrea knew that her business would need a drastic change in order to survive. This is where Pirates & Pixies® was born. Shifting from a natural parenting boutique to a children's resale store.

In 2016-2017, 100's of retail store just like "Baby Junk," and even Babies R Us®, closed. Andrea's tenacity and willingness to reinvent created a thriving business in Pirates & Pixies®. On August 4th 2018, Andrea opened her concept location of Pirates & Pixies® in a 3,400 sq ft space in West Omaha.

The Journey Continues

Andrea is passionate about helping other businesses thrive. Her love of retail combined with consulting business owners is exactly what the Pirates & Pixies® franchise represents. It's not about expanding the brand as much as it is about giving the next generation of passionate business owners the opportunity to succeed. We look forward to helping those business owners that have the same drive and passion as us.