What it Takes to Own a Pirates & Pixies® Franchise

In order to own a Pirates & Pixies® franchise, our emphasis is not on your net worth. We focus more on people. Regardless of your net worth, we want to make sure you are a great fit for children's resale.

Our ideal candidate is the same demographic as our ideal customer, Millennials. Pirates & Pixies® has more than just a proven retail system in place. Pirates & Pixies® also focuses on education and processes in business. This will create a solid foundation for success.

Are you the one?

There is a lot involved with being successful in this role. These are the characteristics that we are looking for in you. If you feel like you represent our ideal candidate, we highly encourage you to submit your email to receive our welcome email with industry statistics and a brief webinar.

Do you Influence, inspire and motivate others? Can you learn to manage staff and risks? Are you self-motivated? Do you have the determination to succeed? Would you say you work collaboratively with others? Are you confident? Would you say you are friendly? Are you capable of interpreting social cues? Do you approach tasks in a planned and well-organized manner?

Can you be sensitive to others’ needs? Do you work well under pressure? Can you learn to understand numerical data? Do you have strong oral and written verbal skills? Can you use resources to make informed decisions? Would you say you easily adapt to changes? Can you use resources to solve new challenges? Could you identify new trends in retail based on company and industry data?