This simple answer? $10,000 cash and the right skill set and personality.

In order to own a Pirates & PixiesTM franchise, our emphasis is not on your net worth. Anyone with enough money and a strong financial portfolio can open a business; that doesn’t mean they can be successful.

Our ideal candidate is the same demographic as our ideal customer, Millennials. Being younger does not always coincide with having a strong financial portfolio, and we have set up our franchise with this in mind. However, that means our selection process is that much more stringent. Pirates & PixiesTM will take on more of the financial risk, but for the right candidate, it means a much higher probability of success in the retail industry. This also shows our commitment to the success of our Franchisees.

Experts have found that the following psychometric tests can determine a candidate’s aptitude in Executive Retail Management. For this reason, we analyze your results from the following tests as the first step in determining your probability of success in this role.

  • Personality test
  • Numerical reasoning test
  • Verbal reasoning test
  • Abstract reasoning test

There is a lot involved in being successful in this role. These are the characteristics that we are looking for in the ideal candidate and what you will be tested on. If you feel like you represent our ideal candidate, then we encourage you to move forward in our selection process.

  • People leadership (influence, inspire and motivate others)
  • Project management (managing resources, including staff, prioritizing tasks and managing risk)
  • Self-motivated and achievement-striving
  • Determination to attain defined results and reach targets
  • Working collaboratively with others
  • Taking charge (directing and guiding customers)
  • Influencing skills
  • Sociable (friendly and highly engaging)
  • Social astuteness (capable of interpreting social cues and using them to attain the desired outcome)
  • Approaching tasks in a planned and well-organised manner
  • Sensitive to others’ needs
  • Ability to quickly and effectively identify critical work-related issues
  • Logically draw conclusions from numerical data
  • Ability to monitor numerical performance indicators
  • Strong oral and written verbal skills
  • Ability to understand work-related concepts and information
  • Utilize work-related written data to identify critical issues
  • Ability to gather a variety of new work-related information to assist you in making informed decisions
  • Ability to integrate new information from competitors, clients and suppliers
  • Assess problems that are outside the scope of your usual knowledge and experience
  • Ability to identify new trends in retail based on company and industry data

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